Dean Swift: The Satirist and his Faith

A Symposium on Jonathan Swift and Christianity, St Patrick's Cathedral, Dublin, October 19 2002

Links to Other Swift Sites

We will add Swift sites here as we find them. Please convey the URL of any relevant identified site to Bob Mahony

The Princess Grace Irish Library, managed by Bruce Stewart in the University of Ulster, is an increasingly important scholarly Irish Studies source. To register as a library user you go here, and when registered you can search under various keywords. You need to have your 'Javascript' facility enabled in your browser.

Bruce Stewart has obliged with a direct link to the Swift material which provides a shortcut.

We are indebted to George P Landow, Professor of English and Art History, Brown University in the USA for this link to the BU Swift collection, and to the site in Singapore where it is mirrored.

There is also an important collection of Swift material on the Deep Singh site. This was at Duke and is now at Lehigh.

See also the Internet version of Gulliver's Travels, on the Jaffe site.

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