Dean Swift: The Politics of Satire


Conducted on 15-16/10/2005 at the Deanery of St. Patrick's with Dr Robert Mahony in the Chair.

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Bruce Arnold (Trinity College Dublin)
[Author's CV]

Professor Ann Cline Kelly (Howard University, Washington DC):
Written in Stone: Swift's Use of St. Patrick's Cathedral as a Text
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Dr Joseph McMinn (University of Ulster, Jordanstown):
The Prosecution of Power: Swift's Defence of Ireland
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Norma Clarke (Kingston University, London):
Writing About the Small Fry
Professor Clarke has written extensively from a feminist perspective on 18th century cultural life.

Response: Dr Ian McBride
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Discourse during Evensong, Sunday October 16:
Eugene McCabe (author and playwright)
Swift Commemoration Address
Eugene McCabe was born in Glasgow in 1930, of first generation Ulster Irish stock. The family returned to Ireland at outbreak of World War 2; he has been alternately farming and writing on the Monaghan/Fermanagh border since 1955, plays for theatre and television, a fable for children, short stories, novels, pageants and commissioned work for RTE.


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