Swift Seminar 2007

Jonathan Swift and Poetry, Theatre, Politics in Ireland

Conducted on 19-20 October 2005 at the Deanery of St. Patrick's, with Dr Robert Mahony in the Chair.


[This is currently under development, but some of the papers are available]

Professor Claude Rawson (Yale University) on Swift's Poetry

Swift, Denis Johnston and the Irish Theatre; a round-table discussion chaired by John Harrington (Rensselaer Institute, USA):

Michael Brennan (Catholic University of America)
James Wurtz (Indiana State University, USA)
Chris Morash (NUI, Maynooth, Ireland)
Alaine Sisson (Institute of Art, Design and Technology, Dun Laoire, Ireland)

Swift in Ireland; panel discussion chaired by Regina Janes (Skidmore College, USA):

Michael Brown (University of Aberdeen, Scotland)
Jenny Davidson (Columbia University, USA)
Craig Pett (Monash University, Melbourne, Australia)

Professor James McLaverty (University of Keele, UK) on Swift and Faulkner; introduced by Linda Bree, Cambridge University Press, UK)

Applyng and Misapplying Swift's Politics; a round-table discussion chaired by Stephen Lalor (office of the President of Ireland, retd):

Tom Garvin (University College Dublin, Ireland)
Brian Lynch (Trinity College Dublin, Ireland)
Elizabeth Malcolm (University of Melbourne, Australia)
James Ward (University of Ulster, Northern Ireland)

Dr Toby Barnard (Hertford College, Oxford, UK) on Swift, Saint Patrick and Sermons; introduced by Andrew Whiteside (St Patrick's Hospital, Ireland)

The Dreaming Dust; play by Denis Johnston, performed by the Indiana State University Department of Theater, directed by Chris Berchild.

Discourse during Evensong, Sunday October 21: Professor Elizabeth Malcolm, Higgins Chair of Irish Studies, UNiversity of Melbourne, Australia


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