Swift Seminar 2008

Jonathan Swift, his Editors and Politics in Ireland and England

Conducted on 18-19 October 2008 at the Deanery of St. Patrick's, with Dr Robert Mahony in the Chair.


[This is currently under development, but as papers come in they will be made available.]

Professor Claude Rawson (Yale): Introductory Notes.

Professor Sean Connolly (QUB): Old English, New English and Ancient Irish, introduced by Professor Nicholas Canny (NUIG).

Professor David Womersley (Oxford): Now Deaf 1749, introduced by Professor Claude Rawson.

[contributions to discussion from ....?]

Panel Editing Swift introduced by Professor Andrey Carpenter (UCD).

Professor David Hayton (QUB): Annotation and Irish Politics;

Professor Bertrand Goldgar (Lawrence, Wis, USA): Annotation and English Politics;

Dr Ian Gadd (U Bath) Editing Pamphlets;

Dr Abigail Williams (St Peters College, Oxford): Editing MS, the Journal to Stella.

[contributions to discussion from ....?]

Discourse during Evensong, Sunday October 19: Ann Enright, author and 2007 Booker Prize winner.


The Editor Dr James Ward has undertaken to make available e-mail addresses of authors to bona-fide scholarly enquirers, who should e-mail him at jg dot ward at ulster dot ac dot uk.

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