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This book is dedicated to the memory of the late Dr Tom Walsh, first Director of An Foras Taluntais (now Teagasc). Dr Walsh had considerable knowledge of, and interest in, the history of agricultural education, and this subject is dealt with here in some detail (Chapter 16) by Dr Austin O'Sullivan and Professor Richard Jarrell. The book includes many illustrations from Dr Walsh's native Co Wexford, including some from near his place of birth in Piercetown.

Dr Walsh received an honours BAgrSc from University College Dublin in 1937, an MAgrSc in the following year, and a PhD in 1941. He was awarded a DSc for published work on soil science and crop nutrition in 1947 and was subsequently awarded honorary doctorates by the National University of Ireland (LlD) in 1972 and by Trinity College (ScD) in 1980.

Dr Walsh was elected a member of the Royal Irish Academy (MRIA) in 1956, where he served on the Council, as Senior Vice-President, as Science Secretary and as Secretary. He was a member of the Science Committee of the Royal Dublin Society and was awareded the Society's Boyle Medal, for outstanding contribution to science in Ireland, in 1969.

He served on the Commission for Higher Education and was Chairman of the National Council for Educational Awards (NCEA) during the 1970s. He was appointed Director of An Comhairle Oiliúna Talmhaiochta (ACOT, the national farm advisory body) in 1980 and retired from public life in 1983.

With much respect, and fond memories from many in Teagasc and elsewhere who knew him or worked with him, this book is dedicated to Dr Tom Walsh.

Liam Downey, Director, Teagasc, 20th October, 1999.

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