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Table of contents

Dedication by Dr Liam Downey

Foreword by Dr Norman McMillan: the background to the book.

Chapter 1:   Early Irish Crafts and Apprenticeships: an Historical Background

JG Ryan

Chapter 2:  Late Renaissance Humanism, the Dublin Scientific Tradition (1592-1641) 

Dr Juan José Pérez-Camacho

Chapter 3: The Irish Colonial Tradition of Mathematics, Science and Engineering

Dr Norman McMillan

Chapter 4:  Experimental Science in Ireland and the Scientific Societies  

 J Kelham and Douglas McMillan

Chapter 5: Mathematical, Scientific and Engineering Reform in Dublin University

Dr Norman McMillan

Chapter 6:  Technical Education and Colonialism in Ireland in the 19th Century

Richard Jarrell

Chapter 7:  Technical Education in Ireland 1870-1899

Seán Mac Cartáin

Chapter 8:  The Department of Agriculture and Technical Instruction 1899-1930

Seán Mac Cartáin

Chapter 9:  Traditions in the Vocational School Curriculum 1930-92

John Logan

Chapter 10: The National Council for Educational Awards, 1966-1997

Anthony White

Chapter 11: Apprenticeship in Modern Times

J G Ryan

Chapter 12: Treasures Open to the Wise': the Mechanics Institute of N-E Ulster

Seamus Duffy

Chapter 13: The Dublin Mechanics Institute, 1834-1919

Jim Cooke

Chapter 14:  Pestalozzi and John Synge

Clive Williams

Chapter 15: James Booth FRS as Inventor of the Examination System

Frank Foden

Chapter 16: Agricultural Education in Ireland

Austin O'Sullivan and Richard Jarrell

Chapter 17: Trade Union Organisation in Technical Education 1913-1930

Gerard Moriarty and John Logan

Chapter 18: Dublin Corporation and the Development of Technical Education

Jim Cooke   

Chapter 19: The Queens Institute, Dublin (1861-1881)

(this was the first technical college for women in Europe; here we give, accessibly both from here and from the abstract, the full text, as an important sample chapter)

Patricia Phillips

Chapter 20: The Vocational Education Act 1930

Michael Farry

Chapter 21: Ireland and the Politics and Government of British Science and Education

Dr Norman McMillan

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