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The International Journal of Tensiography

(and Advanced Computer Methods in Surface Science)

Editors: N.McMillan(1), A. Augousti(2) and R. Miller(3)

1. Institute of Technology Carlow, Ireland

2. Kingston University, Surrey, England

3. Max-Planck Institute for Colloids and Surface Science, Potsdam

Senior Desk Editor: Dr Brian O'Rourke, Consultant, Dublin, Ireland.

Editorial Board:

Professor Stephen Smith, Dean Science, University of Essex, England

Dr Patricia Scully, Electronics Engineering Department, University of Liverpool, England

Professor Fionn Murtagh, Chemistry Department, The Queen's University, Belfast, Ireland

Dr Eon O'Mongain, Physics Department, University College Dublin, Ireland.

Martina O'Neill, Institute of Technology Carlow, Ireland

Dr Bernard Ryan, Loctite, Dublin, Ireland.

As this new science is developing now on three continents it is hoped to recruit further members to the Board as this research activity evolves.

Journal Mission Statement

It is the objective of this web journal will be to provide a communication for researchers involved in the new science of tensiography and other related research fields involving the use of computer/multivariate methods in surface science.

The journal will cover the full sweep of applications areas from those involving measurements on pure liquids, commercial fluids and medical/biological fluids. The intention is to have a second special focus on complex solutions involving colloids, biomolecules and polymers.

The journal will seek to advance the knowledge of the interaction of complex molecules with surfaces in the form of drops, bubbles, planar and complex surfaces. This focus will relate especially to measurement of surface changes for monitoring or measurement either the dynamic molecular interaction of the liquid or of processes in the second phase.

The journal's other focus will be on the use of advanced computer methods in modelling and processing data obtained from both tensiography and other surface sciences. The analysis of data from surfaces using colorimetry, laser methods and other techniques of remote sensing will be included as they relate to the behaviour and quality of surfaces.

The advance of multivariate statistical methods, chemometrics, imaging methods, data mining, data archiving, data compression techniques and other fields of computer science have special relevance to tensiography and its related surface sciences.

This journal will be consequently be dedicated to advancing these computer techniques as they relate to improved measurement and analysis of surfaces.

Schedule of Development

For information about this projected Journal, contact Norman McMillan via his direct e-mail address, mcmillan (at) itcarlow (dot) ie. This page reflects the initial state of the project, and is subject to revision.

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