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Century of Endeavour by Roy Johnston (Academica/Maunsel in the US 2003, Tyndall/Lilliput 2006, 584 pages, €40 pb). A critical father and son view of the recent century in Ireland, rooted in the Ulster Protestant radical tradition, with a significant critical scientific dimension.

Prometheus's Fire; ed Norman McMillan (Tyndall Publications 2000, 600 pages, price 42 euro hb, 24 euro pb). A multi-author history of the development of technical, technological and scientific education in Ireland; we give a table of contents, short sketches of the authors, overviews of each chapter, and one sample chapter in full.

Science, Green Issues and the Environment: Ireland and the Global Crisis; edited by Norman and Douglas McMillan, Con O'Rourke and J J Fry; (Tyndall Publications 1993, price £10). This is the Proceedings of a conference held in Carlow, September 11-19, 1993, sponsored by the ESB and by local industry, in the context of a pilot multi-disciplinary Tyndall Summer School.

John Tyndall: an 'X'emplar of scientific and technological education; ed Padraig Hogan; (NCEA 1980). This contains biographical studies by N D McMillan and J Meehan, and a concluding assessment by W H Brock.. The rights have been acquired by Tyndall and some copies are still available; a new Tyndall edition is in preparation primarily for the Web, with additional material added.

Science in Ireland 1800-1830: Tradition and Reform: ed Nudds, McMillan, Weaire, Mckenna-Lawler; 1988. This is the proceedings of an international symposium held in Trinity College Dublin in 1988; the papers are mainly physics, mathematics and astronomy, with some geology and biophysics. It is out of print, but Tyndall publications is preparing a set of abstracts initially, and will perhaps do a website re-publication in full in due course.


International Journal of Tensiography and Computer Methods in Surface Sciences: (We provide here for the publication on the Internet of a peer-reviewed journal dedicated to an innovative area in the analytical instrumentation domain. This will be ground-breaking as regards the scope of Tyndall Publications, and will probably end up on a separate web-site, as it is unrelated to the main content of this site. It is however, being optical, within the scope of the interests of John Tyndall, so for the present we reference it here. Enquiries should go to Dr Norman McMillan, mcmillan (at) itcarlow (dot) ie).

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