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Norman McMillan

Norman McMillan was born in Ontario and completed his education with a PhD in experimental spectroscopy in Nottingham, and a post-doctoral Fellowship in Trinity College, Dublin.

He has worked since 1972 at the Institute of Technology in Carlow, as a committed practitioner of technical education, pioneering optical engineering and optical communication programmes. His research publications are principally in instrumentation, with publications on imaging, fibre-optic, ultrasonic and other relevant technologies.

He is the pioneer and founder of an innovative drop analysis technique for 'fingerprinting' small volumes of liquid, known as tensiography.

He has published books, papers and articles on the history of Irish science, engineering and mathematics over a twenty-year period. In this context he has become an authority on the life and times of John Tyndall, and the associated evolutionary debate over the age of the earth.

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