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Prometheus's Fire: Contributors

Juan Jose Perez-Camacho was born in Jaen, Spain, in 1967. He graduated in Physics (solid State, Spectroscopy and Optoelectronics) from Universidad Autonoma de Madrid in 1990. He obtained a PhD in Physics from Universidad Politecnica de Madrid in 1994. His PhD thesis concentrated on the growth and characterisation of antimonide compounds for mid-infrared optoelectronics. In parallel he carried out several studies of Galileo and his 16th century forerunner Domingo de Soto.

In 1995 he moved to Dublin, where he worked as Visiting Research Fellow at Trinity College. He combined his technical work at the Physics Department and Optronics Ireland Research Centre with a comprehensive research into the early history of science in Dublin, focusing on early printed books and manuscript sources inTCD.

In 1997 he joined Intel Ireland, where he is currently a Senior Materials Analysis Engineer. He is currently working on a systematic review and re-interpretation of early 17th century Irish science.

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